North Tabor August 14

By Dana Savole


North Tabor based CURBS (Citizen’s United Rebuilding Burnside Safely) has been hard at work focusing on making the neighborhood safer for all modes of travel.

Through the high crash corridor program data, it was determined that Burnside east of 47th is a good candidate for a “lane reduction” and that buffered, modern bike lanes are part of the long range planning of the corridor at the neighborhood, city and metro-wide level.

According to Terry Dublinski-Milton, “Out of the 20 parking counts, parking utilization is nearly zero between 66th and 62nd through the curves as is the parking utilization west of 47th. Not once has there been more parked cars than one row would provide between 47th and 62nd. Due to the sewer replacement in 2015, and the deteriorating pavement, our activism has most likely placed E. Burnside (47th to 60th minimally) on the radar for a grind down in 2015 after the sewer branch line replacement. This is the perfect opportunity to modernize and re-stripe this dangerous stretch of road for all users.”

September’s CURBS meeting will focus on a “Safe Route to School” for Mount Tabor Middle School students by providing a safe crossing at 57th/58th as part of the project.

The next NTNA Meeting is Tuesday August 19, 6:30-8:30 pm. Topics to be covered include:  the outcomes and next steps of the 7/23 East Glisan/Burnside business networking event, an initial proposal/timeline from the NTNA Arts Committee on the I-84 mural project, review an updated NTNA communications plan and we will be discussing the NTNA meeting location.


North Tabor August 14

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