North Tabor November 2014

By Dana Savoie


On October 21, NTNA held its yearly elections. We are happy to say that almost all of our current board members renewed their terms for another year. Additionally, we have new board members joining in and adding lots of experience as well.

The 2014-2015 board is made up of the following devoted citizens: Beth Sanders, Michael Andersen, Max Goldenkranz, John Savoie, Dana Savoie, Terry Dublinski-Milton,  Devlyn Keith, Valerie Walker and Jay Turk. At our next meeting Tuesday November 18 from 6:30-8:30 pm at 5600 NE Glisan St. we will vote in our executive board.

Also at the October meeting, the newly-elected board of the NTNA approved two very important documents. The first, is a letter joining our support for a modernized section of Halsey between 67th and 74th with Montavilla’s. This redesign would include safe, curb tight bike lanes and a center turn lane to make pedestrian crossing easier, drop speeds, increase safety and give residents in the Pocket access to the playground and neighborhoods to the north and east.

We also approved a residential greenway network to connect us east. Working with Lew, Terry’s cohort in Montavilla, our boards have cross-endorsed the 80th street greenway, improvements to the 70’s, finishing the Everette Greenway to Vestal Elementary and the 60’s greenway to Mount Tabor.

When all of these low-cost/high-safety benefit project are built we will have an integrated bikeway network with upgraded pedestrian crossings from the 60th MAX station, south to Mount Tabor Park, east all the way to the I-205 path and south to PCC SE. This network would safely service close to 30,000 Portland residents.

There has been an extension to the comment period on the Comprehensive Plan until March 13, so we encourage all of you to show support for these projects that would help make our neighborhood one of the safest in the city!

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North Tabor November 2014

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