Division / Clinton January 2015

DCBA Pres.: Todd Cleek

email w.t.clek@gmail.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division



What a wonderful season we had on Division and Clinton. The streets were bustling with folks who had not been introduced to the new Division, and we hope they come visit us again.

In order to help them find their way, your Division Clinton Business Association is putting together a walking map in early 2015.  All members will be listed and advertising will be available shortly.

Double Barrel Bar and Grill has replaced Dilly’s bar and Grill at 2002 SE Division St. Bridge City Mercantile has upgraded from North Portland to 3320 SE Division, and brought with them unique and unusual gift possibilities for him, her, the kids, the kitchen, the yard and more.  bridgecitymercantile.com

House of Commons, at 3370 SE Division, has a new strategy – it’s a rotating retail and gallery space, centered around one specific theme that changes every two months. With each theme, the space takes new form by showcasing different artists, brands, events and products that promise to be engaging, innovative and interactive.

For those of us that get caught in one more shop or with one more pint, TriMet has extended transfer times.  Effective March 1, transfers will last 2.5 hours. Thanks to OPAL environmental Justice Oregon, 2408 SE 49th, for spearheading this a few years back.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Jean Baker. Jean, a past president of the Division Clinton Business Association Board, is not running for reelection to the board. She has helped in many capacities over the years, especially with her expertly-written grant proposals. She has ushered our district into a new era, and we are proud to have held on to our heritage while encouraging varied colors of new blood to our storefronts.

The food here is great, the shops are unique and the people are wonderful. We all owe Jean a bucket of gratitude.


Division / Clinton January 2015

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