Letters to the Editor January 2015

To the editor:


My wife and I have lived on Mt. Tabor since 1966. When we first moved in, it was a proud neighborhood. People maintained their yards and kept their garbage cans out of sight.

Today we have a number of things that to me are unsightly and should be corrected if anyone cares. I will list the items that are distracting to the pride and beauty of Mt. Tabor.

1. Lawns not cut and yards not maintained; 2. Chickens in cages in front yards; 3. Vegetable gardens in front yards; 4. Recycling put out two or three days before pickup; 5. Recycling containers in sight rather than kept in garage or in back of homes; 6. Sidewalks not maintained from excess grass, leaves, pine needles and falling fruits; 7. Hedges and plants not pruned that cover up over half the sidewalk area.

When a person has a rental, he should make certain that the yard is properly maintained in the fashion that others are in the neighborhood.

It appears to me that most people aren’t aware of or do not care that what they are doing is unsightly and not what most would like in their neighborhood.

It we were a new sub-division, there would be rules against the above problems and a committee would take care of it. Since we are an older neighborhood, we rely on this paper to get this message out to the neighbors of Mt. Tabor


Donald J. Farrelly

Letters to the Editor January 2015

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