Building Transformation

The grand opening of 1510 Technology Center at SE Water and Clay St. is an adaptive reuse of one of the oldest reinforced concrete buildings in Portland. Killian Pacific and Mackenzie remodeled and redesigned the building.

Interior mural at the newly-remodeled 1510 Technology Center
Interior mural at the newly-remodeled 1510 Technology Center

Located in the Central Eastside Industrial District, the 60,000 SF two-story lifestyle office space is home to Viewpoint Construction Software, an innovative provider of construction-specific software solutions to the global construction industry. The building, formerly a PGE operations facility called Hawthorne Shop, has one of the most innovative and sustainable radiant cooling and heating systems of any office building in the city.

Other building features include industrial-style operable windows, extensive use of reclaimed materials, and other exterior elements such as the glazed curtain walls and steel panels. By using the existing building structure and incorporating both historical and modern themes, Mackenzie designers were able to create a contemporary industrial office feel.

“The new design preserves the building’s original look and identity while utilizing new innovations in steel and concrete reinforcement,” said Structural Engineer Josh McDowell. “The scale of concrete remediation posed the biggest challenge with the project. However, our structural upgrades will preserve the building for many years to come.”

The collaborative lifestyle workplace features a prominent structural glass and wood entry, interior light monitors, and an open floor plan to distribute views to the exterior. Multiple “scrum rooms” are provided throughout for agile software strategy sessions.

Cross-functional scrum team spaces are increasingly more important in fostering innovation and collaboration as tech companies consider office space concepts to better fit new office working models. Creative breakout workspaces, collaborative lounges and kitchen areas are incorporated on every floor. Additional building features include a basement parking garage with electric vehicle charging stations, extensive bike facilities, and 100% LED lighting throughout the entire building.

“The Central Eastside Industrial District, where 1510 Technology Center is located, is home to more than 1,000 businesses and 17,000 jobs,” said Rich Mitchell, Managing Principal of Mackenzie.

“Industrial and technological companies like Viewpoint form a thriving economic ecosystem as the area is evolving into the ideal location for cross-industry exchange.”

The building’s core and shell are registered with the certification goal of LEED Platinum. Reclaimed douglas fir wood from the original roof was used on the interior walls, ceiling treatments, and stairs near the lobby entrance. Hand-turned, teak door-pulls at the front and rear entrance give a unique tactile experience upon entering the building. Innovative stormwater treatment facilities such as a vegetated infiltration swale in the parking lot and a flow-through planter in the pedestrian plaza are key sustainable design elements that make this building unique.

Building Transformation

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