Division/Clinton April 2015

DCBA Pres.: Sydney Mead

email syndney@propertymanagementcom

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division



Dapper & Wise or D&W moved into the lobby of the 3150 building.  Their address is 3158.  By all accounts they make “fantastic coffee”.

Zoom Care Dental is still preparing their space at 3130 SE Division although their signs are up.  The Food trolley in OHSU Richmond Clinic parking lot left in March and the clinic is looking for another source of nutritious food.  The food carts sell to the entire neighborhood.

Eco Baby Gear/Loving Touch left 2122 SE Division and moved about a month ago to 107th and Stark St.  Their space is being redeveloped.

Pinn Salon is at 3120 SE Division and Coffee Kids still hasn’t made it into the 33rd St building corner shop.  Spielman’s Coffee at 2128 SE Division is moving across the street to 2111 SE Division, the empty house with the sculpture gate.  Rumor says that another pizza place will be moving into the current Spielman’s place.  A clothing shop called Finn might be going into where Twill was.

On Clinton St., Ro Ro is moving into the former Lane Gallery. It sells new and used clothing and accessories. Cloud 9 Comics moved into 2621 SE Clinton, the Press Club space next door. They sell vintage and collectible comics

Willamette Week’s Cheap Eats edition lists low-cost dishes in Division/Clinton, ranging from food carts, Buki on 28th and Kim Jong Grillin at 46th to some better known places. Reel M Inn gets a nod for chicken and jojos, LeRoys at 47th for ribs, Son of a Biscuit for faster chicken than Reel M Inn, Blocks and Off the Waffle on Clinton for breakfast, Pine State Biscuits for more chicken, Savoy Tavern on Clinton for burgers along with The Burger Guild at 49th, and Little Big Burger at 37th.  Bollywood is praised for Indian, Koi Fusion for Korean tacos, Hapa Ramen on 28th for Japanese/Hawaiian noodles, La Panza on 26th for New Mexico State’s cuisine, Mi Mero Mole for Mexican Street food. Pizza is available at Atlas Pizza on Division and Hammy’s on Clinton, and Thai food at Sen Yai.

Division/Clinton April 2015

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