A new book, a history of SE Belmont St.’s Horse Brass Pub has recently been published and it’s appropriately titled The Brass. The pub is a bit of England where good companionship is the order of the day. The book was written by Portland native Robert Wright.

aBook,-Cover,-The-Brass,-Robert-Wright-20141119The Brass takes the reader from the pub’s very British origins through its becoming the cathedral of Oregon’s craft beer revolution with Don Younger, its deceased publican and archbishop. This pub has been twinned for nearly three decades with the Prince of Wales, an historic London pub near Wimbledon.

The story is a journey through time, and is a narrative of the pub’s events and people, their history, character and their motivations. The Brass is based on interviews of others who were involved with it over decades, to the best that their memories recalled.

Because two annual charitable events were born at the pub which continue to this day, all royalties and profits from the sale of the book are donated to the Sisters of the Road charity for the homeless, in memory of Don Younger. See sistersoftheroad.org.

The Brass is available now at bookstores and through online booksellers. Take a peek at the first pages at storyofthebrass.com.