The Denizen

Yotam Zohar presents the Under­ground Series at Milepost 5. The opening reception is Open­ing Recep­tion, Fri­day, June 5th, 6 pm to 10 pm 850 NE 81st Ave.

ampfive-#1In autumn of 2010 Zohar began ìsteal­ingî por­traits of peo­ple in the New York sub­way. In each train car, he sees the images of a jour­ney­ing col­lec­tive of people traveling alone.

The show runs through July 17.


Scott Allen Whitworth


A Sec-ond Death

aScott-Whitworth-Show-ImageScott Allen Whit-worth was born in Adrian, MI. Whit-worth pri-mar-ily uses the medium of pho-tog-ra-phy, although he often inte-grates the medi-ums of print-mak-ing and col-lage into much of his art-work. Whit-worth com-pleted his BFA with an empha-sis in pho-tog-ra-phy at Kendall Col-lege of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI, in May of 2013. Much of Whitworth’s work revolves around the themes of mem-ory and death.


Scott Parry’s cur-rent work is based on the paper “A Model for the Ori-gin Prop-er-ties of Flicker Induced Geo-met-ric Phosphenes”(Rule, Strof-fre-gen, aparryErmentrout,-2011) and relates the find-ings to anthro-pogenic land-scapes.  Observ-ing intrin-sic desire to imprint the world with pat-terns seen dur-ing flicker stimulation.