There’s always plenty going on each First Friday at Milepost 5 Open Studios. The public is invited to visit dozens of artists’ studios for an interactive experience throughout the Milepost 5 community. The ArtHaus is at 850 NE 81st Ave and open studios is from 6 to 11 pm on Friday August 7.

“untitled collage” by Ballooga

“untitled collage” by Ballooga

This month celebrates the work of three Portland artists whose work exhibits a wide breadth of contemporary collage subjects and techniques. In the Denizen Gallery: Making Ends Meet – Contemporary Collage by Sarah Bernstein, Anthony Elech, and Ballooga.

Through materials sourced from pictures, values and ideals disseminated by the society in which they inhabit, collage artists are uniquely able to explore arenas ranging from the political to the extremely personal.  Through subverting or giving new meaning to images already in circulation, collage has become a language and technique essential for the mythmakers and storytellers of the 21st century.

Also this First Friday in The Lofts Gallery: Indelible – a group show celebrating tattoo art and culture. In the Studios Courtyard: Aerial Performance with Blair Crissman. In the Art Haus Chapel: music with Holland Andrews, Leviticus Appleton, and other guests.

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