Richmond September 2015

By Megan Light

The Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on August 10 at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St.

A Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) has been negotiated between Urban Development Partners, Salt and Straw, and Richmond neighbors in an effort to lessen the impacts such as garbage and noise that the developments have had on the surrounding neighborhood.

A new volunteer editor has stepped up to fill the position for the RNA quarterly newsletter, but stay tuned. Although the vast majority of the neighbors present like getting the newsletter delivered to their homes, discussion is ongoing regarding the fate of the newsletter and whether or not it is a viable and effective tool for getting neighborhood news distributed.

Division Design Initiative continues to work hard to empower neighborhoods and business districts to actively participate in the planning process and give residents more of a role in how neighborhoods change and evolve. There are many possible discussion topics relating to the design of future developments along Division St. If you would like to get involved or find more resources, check out

City of Portland now has funds and is prepared to begin work to make the Clinton Street Bikeway even better. The City is proposing to get some sort of traffic diverter on the ground before the end of October 2015. Currently, they are looking at 2 or 3 diverters between 12th and 28th streets. The ultimate goal is to lower the speed limit, which may happen if they can successfully lower the traffic volumes. Additionally, they are considering adding speed bumps between Cesar Chavez and 52nd on Clinton. There will be a public information meeting sometime in September, and the surrounding neighbors will receive notification as such. Be on the look out for your invitation.

A signed petition has been submitted to commence recall procedures for board member Doug Klotz. This has triggered a recall vote, which will take place at the September RNA meeting. The next RNA meeting will be Monday, September 14 at Waverly Heights Church at 3300 SE Woodward St. from 7 – -9 pm. RNA meeting are held in the church basement; enter from the east-side door. The RNA website is

Richmond September 2015

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