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Mt. Tabor Reservoir

Construction on the Mt. Tabor Adjustment Project to divert drinking water to enclosed tanks at Powell Butte continued last month. The work is intended to satisfy a federal mandate to disconnect open air reservoirs.

Work involves cutting and plugging existing pipes and constructing new transmission lines. Large diameter pipes will remain in place to allow continued non potable water to flow into the basins.

Here is work to expect this month:

• The vault work in Work Area 7 will begin. This area is located between Reservoir #5 and #6 staircases. The work area is large as there are extensive tree protections in place. Please obey all signs and observe fencing around the construction zone. The work at this area will take approximately one month.

• The pipe work at the bottom of Reservoir #1 stairs on SE Lincoln Drive will continue. There may be a partial stair closure on an intermittent basis.

When the project is complete, all reservoirs will have water in them that will be periodically drained and refreshed. For more information go online to

SE Trees

The felling of noteworthy sequoias on a neighborhood property under development continues.

Distressed SE residents continue to denounce what they feel are lax city policies toward the preservation of mature trees.

The public will have an opportunity to voice their concerns about the Title 11 Tree Code to the Planning and Sustainability Commission on January 12. The hearing will consider proposals for tree preservation, especially large, mature trees such as those recently felled on SE Hawthorne Blvd. and 41st St.

Among the proposals under consideration to strengthen the tree code:

• Revise the mitigation requirement (payment into the Tree Planting and Preservation Fund) to be based on the size of the tree removed. Currently, the same mitigation is required for all trees removed regardless of size.

• Adding a notification requirement when trees in the largest size category are proposed for removal.

The Planning /Sustainability Commission meeting begins at 12:30 pm, at 1900 SW 4th Ave, Room 2500A. 

Call 503.823.7700 a week before the hearing for the scheduled time of this specific agenda item. MP

SE Updates

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