Kollibri terre Sonnenblume’s new book is Adventures in Urban Bike Farming. Equal part historical document, memoir and social critique, the book tells the story of Sunroot Gardens, a bicycle-based urban farming operation in Portland in the opening years of the 21st century.

aUrban-Bike-Farming-hi-resSonnenblume and his partners farmed over 50 plots in the Portland area, providing fresh produce to dozens of families, using bicycles as their sole transportation for the majority of planting, harvesting and distribution.

“Bike farming in Portland was a true adventure in learning and living,” Sonnenblume says. “Sunroot Gardens aimed to inspire new paradigms to remake not only where vegetables were grown, but how they were distributed.”

Life in this Rose City was very different at the turn of the century than it is fifteen years hence and Sonnenblume looks back through these writings to another time.

“Portland has changed over the last ten years,” he said. “Due to new construction, higher costs-of-living and other factors of gentrification, bike farming would be far more difficult to undertake now. The city is a little less ‘weird’ than it was.”

The book is available in paperback through Amazon and in downloadable digital form through Macska Moksha Press, macskamoksha.com.