Portland artist Wynde Dyer has a new show of her work, Sharing the Scraps featured through April 26 at Division Stumptown, 4525 SE Division St.

asharingthescrapsHIGHRESDyer’s collection of tarp quilts are part-narrative, part-protest song and the show consists of three new interrelated bodies of tarp quilts. The works present a proposal for a new kind of sharing economy where individuals with little financial capital utilize social and creative capital and on-hand skills to engage in small-scale philanthropic efforts to help those impacted by income inequality.

This is Dyer’s way of saying, “What if maybe we all came together around the idea of sharing our scraps in ways that are doable, immediate, direct, and sustainable? What if maybe we could help those less-advantaged in small ways that makes traversing these changing times just a little bit less alone and just a little bit easier for all of us?”

She will be on hand for an artist talk Sunday, April 17 at 4 pm.

Stumptown hours are 6 am to 7 pm. Opening at 7 am on weekends.