Ballet Noir is a new book penned by Portland author Caroline Miller and just published by Black Rose Writing. A tribute to dancers, it’s the story of Tara Bentley, a prima ballerina touring with a small dance company. She’s haunted by the voice of her deceased dance teacher and then meets a Necromancer who assures her the voice is real. Suddenly a very different kind of ride begins. Her tour goes through the great theaters of Europe and she learns things few have ever known about dance and death.

aBallet-Noir_Front_coverCaroline Miller writes: “In 2006, I collaborated with the former lead dancer for the Oregon Ballet Theater, Alexandrous Ballard. I was privileged to observe dancers, choreographers and technicians coming together to create grand illusions. I can no more imagine a world without dance than I can imagine a world without air. Since mankind climbed down from the trees and took its first stumbling steps on the ground there has been movement, swaying and dance, the primary art form of the human race.”

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