…a showing of Beate Scheller

Physical work on a lithography stone and etching a metal plate is pleasing to Beate Scheller who experiments with combinations of both techniques in creating new points of artistic view.

Living in Germany gave Scheller the opportunity to travel Europe and since 2000 exploring the United States. These adventures influenced her in capturing ideas and images from both ancient to modern architecture. Combining from the man made with nature’s own organic architecture intrigues Scheller.

4 Steps, Lithography Stone with Chine Collé,11.5 x 9 in

4 Steps, Lithography Stone with Chine Collé,11.5 x 9 in

Scheller uses lines and patterns

in creating her land- and city- scapes.

Creatures, dreamlike plants and objects are developed into forms and shapes, with or without references that grow into intriguing images.

Beate Scheller wants to fuel the viewers’ imagination and invites them to look twice, observing color and different details even turning a piece around to find a different perspective makes Scheller “smile and encourages sketching for new ideas.”

Ronald Bunch has been making art for decades and after retiring, he brought his art above ground –literally from basement to a full time studio. A background in landscape architecture and urban design contributes to his aesthetic and design sense, otherwise being self-taught in painting.

Something is Happening in the Garden, Acrylic, Tissue Collage, 

Something is Happening in the
Garden, Acrylic, Tissue Collage,

Much of Bunch’s work is collage-based using his own hand painted tissues that are cut, torn and mounted on board or canvas. These reflect a deep fascination with layered form, color and texture.

Occasionally a piece can be declared finished in a few hours  while others often take weeks to complete “as the muse comes and goes on its own accord.” Frequently feelings inform his creative process.

In addition to mixed media/collage Ron Bunch paints in acrylics, primarily impressionistic and abstract landscapes. Bunch also designs fabrics using fluid design and color.

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