Lively up Your Street

A new street mural graces the greenway street at SE 69th and Woodward St. thanks to the guidance of City Repair, the organizational abilities of Melissa Curry, Brenda Reddaway, Morgan Tace Boldon and the artistic labor of the South Tabor eighborhood residents.

This beautiful street art was a collage of a couple of contest entries held in the neighborhood. These entries were made into a mural by a friend of Curry’s –  Ashland artist Rachael Gibbs.

“The process to get a mural approved requires going through a lot of red tape and a lot of planning,” Curry said.

They persevered, got the permit and South Tabor Neighborhood Association paid for the paint supplies. They used a ground walnut paint and zone marking paint so the mural is durable and not slippery.

The three organizers started at 7 am drawing the mural with stencils they made and measuring it all out.

wBy 10 am, fifty to sixty neighbors showed up to help with the painting ranging in age from 2 – 70.

Go see it while the paint is fresh and new. Summer is the perfect time to walk, bike or ride by and see this lovely collaboration from the South Tabor community.

Lively up Your Street

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