Letters to the Editor August 16

NOTE: The Southeast Examiner was included in many letters regarding Belmont Street zoning. We only have room to print the form letter and a few of the comments from individuals who wrote to the city. We included the names of all who wrote. 

To the Planning and

Sustainability Commission:

As a community member and resident of the Sunnyside neighborhood, I urge the Planning and Sustainability Commission to keep the livability of our neighborhood by zoning the 3300 – 3356 SE Belmont Street block CN1 (3 story maximum).

I am very opposed to a CN2 designation (5 story), which will ruin this historic block and negatively impact the livability of our neighborhood.

• It is becoming clear that actual, real, stood-the-test-of-time Portland is disappearing and being replaced by disposable, history-less strip-block planning that displaces the local working class in the service of the global real-estate speculation boom.

• Portland residents are smart, and they have been telling you what is wrong.  You just haven’t been listening to them.

• You are the commission of planning and SUSTAINABILITY. Please remember: sustainability implies a long-term perspective. Many developers are in the game for short term profit. It is up to you to balance that goal with what is going to be in the long- term sustainable economic interests of the city.

• Don’t let us down!


Suzanne Sherman, Francene Grewe, Katherine Kirkpatrick, Cory Pinckard, Jea Alford, Matthew Souza, Kyra Littlefield, Paul Cienfuegos, Chris Stephens, Daniel Baxter, Tiffany Conklin, Rick Witte RN, Randi Sypher Wolfe, Maria Hein, Kathy Bue, Darvel Lloyd, Mark Colman, Stuart Emmons, Alyssa Isenstein Krueger, Grace Sanders, Scott A. Tice, Barbara Kite and Cecelia Bockenstedt

Letters to the Editor August 16

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