Oregon songwriter/poet/guitarist Brian Cutean appears in concert celebrating his just-released CD, The Sound of Photosynthesis at The Old Church, 1422 SW 11th Ave. Friday, August 26 in an 8 pm, all-ages show.

Those familiar with Cutean’s work know what to look forward to. For the uninitiated, it’s time to hear one of the extra-ordinary voices of these times singing with a superb band in a just-renovated historical venue with state of the art sound.

At The Old Church, Cutean is performing with many of the musicians on the record – Lewi Longmire, Jason Montgomery, Simon Lucas and others. The newest in his 20+ years of recordings, The Sound of Photosynthesis takes the listener on a voyage that includes the poetry of e.e. cummings set to music; a musical  tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca and QTN’s unique ballad style of love songs. There’s rock n’ roll, storytelling songs and dance songs and it all culminates in the closing track So Many Days, with gospel choir backup and words and music that touch the resounding truth in the human experience.

An old musician playing in a nightclub here in Portland once said how the good part about being a musician is that you get better with age. This certainly is true with Cutean’s music. He continues to expand our mental horizons, compose great melodies and keep us entertained with wit and wisdom.

Tickets are on sale now at The Old Church box office or through Brown Paper tickets. See theoldchurch.org for more.

Listen to tunes from the album at Music Millennium’s Listening Station thoughout August or stream them online at brianQTN.bandcamp.comNT