DCBA December 2016

DCBA Pres.: Sydney Mead

email sydney@habitatellc.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division



Division/Clinton’s celebration of small local businesses continues until December 31. If you missed Small Business Saturday, you can still enjoy coupons and sales until yearend.

Trailhead, the new credit union at SE 33rd and Division St. plans to open the first two weeks of December. Stop in and say “hi”. It’s nice to have a bank on the street.

Eb and Bean, a frozen yogurt business opened at 30th. Kati seems to be the name of the Thai restaurant moving into 2932 SE Division, across from Eb and Bean. Sunshine Tavern has changed hands.

Upstairs Basement at 48th is looking for pre-1970s work wear and old military clothing. Owner Mark Phillips not only sells the nostalgia found in attics and basements, he works with interior designers, sourcing the material they need. Contact him at usbpdx.com before bringing anything in. His space is limited and his requirements specific.

It’s the grand opening for Rockin’ Crab Cafe, 3113 SE Division.  They serve Cajun style seafood, Asian hot pot, baked clay pots, and noodle soup.

Musubi is marinated spam, grilled and served on a block of rice, then wrapped in seaweed and it’s very popular in Japan. Musubi opened at 2134 SE Division and is receiving very good reviews. Owner Darrell Yuen continues to adapt his menu to local tastes.

The Lucky Horseshoe Lounge, 2524 SE Clinton, is open for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A Solstice Party with flamenco guitarist Jeffery Trapp and friends is Wednesday, December 21. Celebrate the darkest day of the year with the intricate and beautiful sounds of flamenco guitar.

January 26, DCBA hosts a discussion about Division/Clinton’s future. Let’s take a good look at ourselves. Portland has over 50 small business districts all calling for attention and customers. Competition is growing – how do we compete? What is our reputation and what should it be? We need to put our best foot forward. How do we do that and what is our goal??   Give this some thought and plan to talk to us.  Stay tuned for details.

Happy Holidays! Contact President Sydney Mead at sydney@habitatellc.com or Katie Meyer at dcbakatie@gmail.com.

DCBA December 2016

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