North Tabor December 2016


By Gabe Frayne

A month-long pause in construction on a half-finished five-unit condo building at the corner of E. Burnside and NE 57th, where a small locksmith business once stood, has piqued the curiosity of some area residents. The waterlogged plywood frame surrounded by a Cyclone fence with a blank white sign went up quickly in the first few weeks of October, but has seen no activity since.

A spokesperson for Spike Builders of Vancouver, WA, whose logo once occupied the sign, explained that Spike was only contracted to do the framing and the present contact person is Ryan Zygar of Teotin Homes in Vancouver. Zygar did not return multiple calls to his cell number, and Portlandmaps indicates that the new owner is David Chiddix Construction of Santa Rosa, CA. However, the recent appearance of scaffolding posts around the exterior of the building may presage a new life for the structure. Stay tuned…

The Mission Lighthouse Church, located on NE 47th and Glisan, has been up for sale for several months, but there are no takers yet.

A survey posted on the internet by the new North Tabor Neighborhood Association board drew 70 responses concerning what issues the NTNA should prioritize in the coming months. The most oft-mentioned concern was “crime and safety” and related concerns, though cut-through traffic, street parking and infill also drew several mentions.

No decision has been made yet on whether to hold a December NTNA meeting, as many folks are traveling during the holiday season.

North Tabor December 2016

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