Photo by Gary Norman

brings summer back to this chilly time of year with Shakespeare’s most famous narrative poem, presented by Shaking the Tree Theatre and directed by Samantha Van Der Merwe.

The poem tells the story of Venus, Goddess of Love, and her unrequited love for Adonis, a handsome young man, who would rather go wild boar hunting. In the telling, Adonis ends up gored by a boar, and Venus curses love for ever more.

It was Shakespeare’s first bestseller, and probably his first publication, written in 1593 when all theatres closed because of the plague. An immediate hit, it was reprinted sixteen times over the next few years.

This epic poem discourses on the nature of love and contains many brilliant observations of nature’s ways. It is an excellent example of Shakespeare’s genius with vivid characterisations, part terrific storytelling, sublime poetry, wry comic material. and moving tragedy.

The theatre is at 823 SE Grant St. and performances run from December 2 to 24 at 7:30 pm with Sunday matinees. Ticket prices are $25, $20 seniors and students. $5 for ages 19 and under. Info and tickets at Box office phone is 503.235.0635.