By Nancy Tannler, Editor

As the year 2016 recedes into the past, we have remembered some of the highlights in pictures. Change is coming fast and furiously here and nothing will stand in the way of this progress. We have become an urban nation where more than two-thirds of the people live on three percent of the land.

It is being proven that cities are the healthiest, greenest and richest (both culturally and economically) places to live. The density of the city is much more environmentally-friendly than living in low-density suburbs and driving everywhere. People in cities have access to more health choices in food, activities, and healthcare providers. Workers here earn thirty percent more than elsewhere and culturally, people have been sharing ideas and innovations forever by connecting their smart inhabitants to each other in cities.

The challenges of growth in SE Portland has changed the way many people want to live. The rapid modernization unhinges those who are more inclined to a slow, conservative build.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to go through a Byzantine zoning processes like they do in Paris and other architecturally-preserved cities, to do case by case studies.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is completing the Comprehensive Plan that will guide the future growth of Portland. As much as we may not be ready for the results of all the new expansion, it is evident we are social beings and want to live, think and work with others. All the new buildings and houses are testimony to that fact.

We just have to figure out how to make reparation for all the people we displace along the way.


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