Buckman Notes

By Susan Lindsay

Hopefully third time’s a charm! The December BCA General Meeting and Holiday Gathering had to be canceled twice last month due to inclement weather closures of the County HQ building. This month, we’ll meet Thursday, January 12, 7-9 pm with the same planned agenda at the Multnomah County Board Room, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, County Commissioner Sharon Meieran and City/County Housing strategy lead person, and director of “A Home for Everyone”, Marc Jolin, are our invited guests and will attend the meeting to participate in a positive, collaborative and constructive discussion on efforts and solutions to increase housing/temporary shelter options now for persons currently living on the streets throughout the inner east side and in the large industrial area in Buckman West (12th Avenue to the river).

The city has spent millions of dollars since the housing emergency was declared, yet many people are still outdoors in an extremely wet/cold winter. Why is this, where did the money go, what money is available now, and how can we expand shelter options, access land and build tiny houses or pods, sooner rather than later? Can solutions be fast-tracked to help get people into shelter, off the sidewalks from under bridges and out of the rain?

All are welcome. You are invited to bring your questions, ideas/schemes, positive suggestions, energy, and snacks! We’ll provide some refreshments and folks are encouraged to bring cookies/snacks to share. After the meeting join us to socialize and network at the nearby Lucky Lab.

BCA Board Meeting (open to all) will meet prior and beginning at 6:20 pm promptly. On the board agenda, proposed changes to parking permit Zone “S” (North of Belmont near Washington High) to include restrictions on Sat and Sun. Also, permit area Zone “T” (south of Belmont near 12th Avenue) will meet with the BCA Board about their committee and charge, a mural update for the Goat Blocks and more.

BCA Land Use Committee meets Thursday, Jan 19, 7-8:30 pm at the same location. New developments and zoning issues are often vetted with developers at the Land Use meeting.

To contact the BCA Board anytime: buckmanboard@googlegroups.com

Buckman Notes

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