Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara’s exotic music mosaic All-Night Vigil will be presented Sunday January 29 at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 1112 SE 41st 3 pm.

Conducted by Timo Nuoranne, the a cappella piece will be performed with quarter-tones and whisper choruses by Capella Romana with basso profundo Glenn Miller soloing down to the very low registers.

“The Vigil stems from a vision-inducing childhood visit to the island monastery of Valamo in the middle of Lake Ladoga just before the Winter War in 1939,” Rautavaara wrote. “It seemed to me that the islands floated on air…the bells began to ring, the low tolling booms and the shrill tintinnabulation: the world was full of sound and colour.”

Rautavaara passed away last summer at the age of 87.

Tickets from $$25- 45 with special student prices too. See or call 503.236.8202.