By Jean Baker

Division is changing again (or still, depending on how you look at it)

New rules for inclusionary zoning will take affect later this year and developers are racing to get their projects in the permit system before these rules apply to them.

Over the next couple of years, developers are planning to add up to 10 more new buildings between 11th and 60th on Division.  Most of these will be four stories tall and will have no off street parking.

Now What?

Fortunately, we have the Division Design Initiative written by Richmond resident Heather Flint Chatto. It has been vetted by all four neighborhoods on Division; Hosford Abernethy, Richmond, Mt Tabor, and South Tabor.

The City looks favorably on the Initiative.  The initiative gives residents and businesses both an opportunity to help shape the look of the street.  We cannot stop development, but we can keep our business street from becoming a dark narrow corridor lined with faceless four story buildings.

Meetings to get your input will start soon.  Check with your neighborhood or business district for dates and times.

Where will anyone park?

This issue is likely to require hard decisions and to cause a lot of heartburn.  According to recent surveys, adding 150 new apartments will bring in between 50 – 75 cars. With no dedicated parking spaces, new residents will park on sidestreets. SE’s many older houses with no driveways will no longer be able to assure a spot in front of their house.  Some cars may be parked for days at a time while their owners use the bus system.

Possible Solutions

There is no simple or painless solution to the parking dilemma. Division lost over 45 parking spaces when the bioswales were added. It will lose more parking when the rapid transit bus system in installed. Available options include:

A transportation area requiring paid parking permits for residents and visitors both.

Parking meters on Division to create steady turnover of parking spaces.

A parking structure on the street to accommodate employees and customers.

Working out a combination of these options and getting it approved.

What can you do?

Go online to to find dates and times of meetings that affect your neighborhood. Go to the meetings and ask questions. Volunteer to help. Plan to stay the course.  This is a multi-year project and needs to be watched every step of the way.

If you own or run a business, come to the DCBA meeting January 26 at Clinton Street Theater, 2600 SE Clinton St., from 5:30 – 8 pm and give the business association your ideas on how to help shape and support Division/Clinton while all this is happening.

Interested residents are welcome to come, but the program will be focused on supporting the district’s businesses and finding members willing to work for DCBA’s future.


Learn More Online

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• Mt Tabor Neighborhood –

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