Graffiti explosion in PDX

By Juliette Muracchioli, Graffiti Abatement Program Coordinator, City of Portland

Seen more graffiti in Portland lately? You’re not alone. Graffiti reports have nearly quadrupled over the past four years.

One way you can help expedite removal is by reporting lingering tags to the Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP). If the tag is on your property and is too big to conquer on your own, reach out to our program to request removal assistance.

GAP’s role is to help reduce the negative impacts of graffiti on  communities  through free and reduced-cost removal assistance offered to residents, small businesses (with ten or fewer employees), and non-profit organizations within  Portland city limits.

GAP also supports volunteers interested in removing graffiti on public property with free training and supplies. There are several volunteers and groups working in Portland and we are always looking for more!

While the program prioritizes providing support for victims of vandalism, GAP also sends abatement notices to property owners of locations that have neglected to remove graffiti.

City Code requires that graffiti be removed within ten days of its appearance. It is recommended, however, that tags are removed as quickly as possible to discourage more incidents of graffiti – the faster it is painted out or removed, the less likely it is to attract more tagging on your and your neighbor’s property. If a location in your community has graffiti that isn’t being addressed, please let us know.

There are several ways to report graffiti. For each of the reporting options below, please provide the exact location, whether or not you are the property owner requesting assistance and include photos if possible (listed in order of preferred reporting method by our program):

PDX Reporter: an app available in the app stores of smartphones.

Report Online: Email:

Phone: 503.823.4824

The recent spree of graffiti in the Richmond neighborhood has raised concerns of increasing hate activity in Portland. GAP has seen an uptick in hate graffiti reported since the election.  We take these reports seriously and make every effort to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Here’s a guide to dealing with hate graffiti:

Report It To Police. Call Police via non-emergency 503.823.3333 to request a police report for hate graffiti or call 911 for a crime-in-progress.

Report It To Gap Report it immediately to with ‘hate graffiti’ in the subject line. Please include a photo and the exact location and as many details as possible.

Remove Or Cover It If you have the means of removing it immediately, do so after taking photos. If you can’t remove it, but can get it covered up temporarily, do so. Contact our program for free professional removal assistance if you need it. Do not attempt to remove hate graffiti on public art, instead cover it with a piece of paper, cloth, or whatever else works for the short-term to cover the message.

Our contractors can respond very quickly once they are contacted and can address graffiti on almost any surface.

*Please note that ongoing volunteer graffiti removal requires training and specific supplies. These instructions pertain specifically to hate graffiti and the urgency of removing it as quickly as possible.

Graffiti explosion in PDX

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