Shape the Future of Portland

Citizens who want to help shape the future of SE Portland and be part of critical solutions to the quadrant’s urgent issues like road safety, transportation, housing affordability,  infill and homelessness need to get involved with their Neighborhood Associations (NA) – ASAP.

With spring elections upon us this month and next, now is your chance to join your NA board and give back to your community, according to Leah M. Fisher, SE Uplift Neighborhood Planning Program Manager.

“Renters, homeowners, business owners – all are welcome  to join their NA board and vote in annual elections,” she says. NAs and their boards are comprised of volunteers who self-appoint because they want to influence critical decisions that impact their quality of life and the City’s livability. It’s an excellent introduction to the inner-workings of city policies and priorities.

“Being part of your Neighborhood Association is a great way to gain leadership skills, connect with neighbors, and make your mark,” says Fisher. She adds that even if you are not ready to be a board member, you should attend your local NA election, meet the candidates and vote for those you believe are most qualified.

To learn more about NAs, the role of a Neighborhood Board member, or to discover what neighborhood you live in, and more about the District Coalition (SE Uplift) that supports neighborhoods visit SE Uplift is also seeking volunteers.

Below is the list of NAs taking self-nominations now and holding their annual elections in May and June. Election information is available at MP

Shape the Future of Portland

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