By Jack Rubinger


Early in his life, Stanley Cheng revolutionized pots and pans and other types of non-stick cookware, but he’s been passionate about food and wine his whole life. Recently, Cheng has entered the exciting world of outdoor cooking with the new Hestan Outdoor line of outdoor cooking equipment — just in time for Spring when people once again bust out their BBQs.

This year, there’s a new entry on the BBQ scene — the Aspire by Hestan. This BBQ has been many years in the making, a culmination of ideas and designs from a dozen engineers from all over the appliance and cooking industries. Made in the USA, the grill comes in at the high end,  priced between $3000 – $7000. It comes in 5 different colors and different sizes and configurations.

“This product fuses passion for cooking and performance. It features an easy open lid, lifetime warranty burners, as well as newly-designed briquette trays to promote even cooking.  All this is wrapped in an exterior appearance different from anything else on the market today. Cheng is bringing passion and excitement to high performance outdoor cooking equipment,” said Tyler Walsh from Luwa Luxury Products.

Trevor from NW Natural Appliance Center said that not all high end grills are what they’re cracked up to be, but he said the Hestan is an “heirloom” type grill that will last for 15-20 years. He said enthusiasts can purchase parts, take it from house to house and it won’t rust because of the high nickel content. He said there’s a high “wow” factor with Hestan grills.

The Aspire is available at Eastbank Contractor Appliances on SE 8th & Hawthorne and NW Natural Appliance Center at 2610 SE 8th Ave.