Ever fall in love with a quince tree? Portland songwriter and visual artist Jenn Rawling has, and she’s just released Golden Colors, her 3rd CD. The album’s songs shimmer with vibrance as Golden Colors turn into Patches of Blue mid-album relating a dreamy homeopathic tale of discovery and affirmation. Rawling’s deep soul keening paints heart pictures of wonder and imagination.

She calls the CD “an offering of beauty and healing to the broken world”, and the songs honor those trying to bring balance, resist, and forge new ways forward. The first track, Old Medicine, begins the song cycle and is dedicated to the ones who came to Standing Rock to resist the dangerous and illegal Dakota tar sands pipeline.

Recorded in Durango, Colorado, this sumptious 10 song disc is a moving and quietly powerful collection exploring the high and lows of heartbreak, renewal, connection and betrayal through tales laid bare with vivid vocals and harmonies like secrets whispered around a late night alchemical fire.

Co-produced with Awna Teixeira of Po Girl and Inaiah Lujan of In/planes, these evocative songs are propelled by Rawling’s expressive alto, imbueing them with a clear incantatory sound. Her lyrics celebrate human, animal, plant, and elemental relationships.

Touring the US southwest in September with Teixeira, Rawling sings here, Friday August 11 at The Jade Lounge, 2342 SE Ankeny from 6 to 8 pm. Other songwriters on the bill are Ky Burt and Camille Rose.

Listen to tracks and marvel at her visual art at jennrawling.net.