Give them a ride

By Maruska Lynch

Being able to get to a medical appointment or to the grocery store should be easy, but many older adults and people with disabilities in our community struggle to find affordable and accessible transportation to get to these vital destinations.

Metropolitan Family Service (MFS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation. Delivering proven programs to help people succeed at home, in school and in the community, Project Linkage is a program that has been serving older adults and people with disabilities for over 30 years.

Through a partnership with Ride Connection, Project Linkage delivers accessible transportation supporting more than a thousand older adults and people with disabilities in our community. Their goal is to help people  stay connected with the world and live comfortably in their homes and provides over 32,000 rides annually.

Many of these rides are delivered by committed volunteers. Do you drive? A volunteer opportunity is open for you to provide safe, reliable transportation for older adults in our community. Volunteers can drive their own vehicles or be trained to drive a Project Linkage vehicle. You let PL know when you’re available, they let you know who needs a ride and where.

You can provide one or two rides per month or several per week. Many volunteer drivers have gotten to know their riders, and now have ‘regulars’ that they drive. Others enjoy meeting new and different people each time.  As a PL driver you’ll join a team of caring volunteers providing a vital service. All volunteer drivers receive free training from MFS and Ride Connection, as well as ongoing support.

Call 503.290.9427 or email MFS at

If you find yourself in need of a ride, connect with Ride Connection at 503.226.0700 or

Give them a ride

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