Hawthorne February 2018

HBBA Pres.: Hilda Stevens, BAZI

Contact: administrator@hawthornepdx.com


Board meetings: Second Wednesdays at 8 am       

Western Seminary Bueermann Hall, Room 201             

5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

It is a sad time for the Boulevard when financial and emotional havoc are wreaked in the early morning hours at our businesses. Doors and windows were broken, merchandise and equipment tossed around, things were taken and staff and owners had to deal with police, cameras, repairs and that awful feeling of being ravaged in their own spaces.

Neighbors, PPB and private security officers, business owners and staff, elected officials and government workers: A call out to all of you! How do we turn this invasive activity around? Are there night people who will organize, plan and provide late night vigilance? Are there small grants available to assist in purchasing district surveillance cameras? We need a plan! Contact administrator@hawthornepdx.com

The next concern is what Hawthorne and old Portland architecture will look like when the reaction to possible safety considerations overtakes the current livelihood and living spaces for thousands of families. There are over 40 buildings on Hawthorne that are at risk of sale at lower than former value, of being torn down for other structures and of bankrupting and displacing our own community members. Visualize Hawthorne without the Masonic Lodge, Bread & Ink and most of the buildings with character. You might want to write City Council at saveportlandbuildings.com

Added to the 64 members acknowledged previously, the Boulevard’s management group, HBBA, welcomes January membership support from Wells Fargo Bank, New Seasons Market, Sloan Boutique, Bagdad Theater & Pub, Presents of Mind, The Caplener Group at Windermere, Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Bret Lubic, Attorney, Hawthorne Wellness Center and 3 Peaches Nutrition. The Membership Committee is pleased that three of our seven – soon to be eight – banks and credit unions have already made the decision to financially support this Eastside Financial District through HBBA membership. Thank you to the Hawthorne Patrol Supporters, too!

2018 Benefactors: Fred Meyer Hawthorne, New Seasons Market and Wells Fargo Bank and the 2018 SE Examiner article Sponsor: Hawthorne Vision Center.

Hawthorne February 2018

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