The Pagan Jug Band

The Pagan Jug Band has been performing around the Northwest Territories for a quarter of a century and they celebrate often, playing everything from bluegrass to world folk and Zydeco to swing.

Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm, the Band plays a family friendly happy hour hoedown for all ages at Ford Food + Drink on the corner of SE 11th and Division. The show is free and the venue’s menu includes a blend of vegetarian, vegan and other options.

The Jug Band consists of Patrick Buckley, Kya Eckstrand, Joe Patterson, Chris Miskow, Jes Gutgsell and Dave Duffield. Special guests from Portland’s vast community of talent join spontaneously and their all-acoustic blend of banjo, dobro, accordion, fiddle, guitars and bass, mixes music like sweet alchemy. Their assortment of originals and inspired covers keeps the dance floor hopping.

Whole lotta dancing goin’ on. See

The Pagan Jug Band

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