Returning to the nest

In times of trouble, a nest is a perfect place to rest. Best done in the fetal position, we’re told –unless, of course, you’re a bird or a kid taking flight.

Portland based artist Debbie Baxter has been building and photographing people in nests made from twigs and extraneous materials from Brooklyn to Burning Man including this one on a SE Portland street, built in the dead of winter, waiting for spring.

Baxter says, “My mission is to get as many people as I can to allow part of themselves to be held in The Nest reconnecting to Mother Earth.”

The upper Hawthorne Street project was done in collaboration with the Owl Salon whose simpatico mission includes providing places to process grief. A facebook post indicates the nest, named after an Egyptian goddess, welcomes all who are willing to snuggle up and engage with her.

Nest projects will soon take Baxter to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Then she’ll head back to Portland for nest-building workshops. For more information: See

Returning to the nest

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