DR VINO – A primer on Portugal

Dr. Vino (Rory Olson) is the proprietor of Portland Wine Merchant located at 1430 SE 35th just off Hawthorne Blvd.

I recently ran into one of our Westside competitors at an event who smugly inquired “So what’s up with you guys and Portugal?”  Well, I kindly ignored his prodding, but was very tempted to remind him that just over ten years ago he asked me the same exact question about Spain.

To answer his question, Portugal and their wines are just about to explode and the Bang you get for the Buck there is unequaled. We have just returned from a three week residency in Portugal and we must confess these wine are truly World Class.

While many retailers are a little slow to get on the bus here are a few types that you should be able to find or be able to order:

VINHO VERDE (The Green Wine): Low in alcohol with a slight fizz and the perfect match for anything from the sea that is fried or grilled.

DOURO REDS: Hearty reds from Port country that have been fermented dry. Made mostly with  indigenous grapes that create a wine that hits the same buttons as a good California Cabernet does.

DAO REDS: Also made with wines native to the region. These wines have a softer, fuller, smoother air to them making them more versatile than those from the Douro.

Drink outside of the box!

Show mom you really care…

Have you seen those ads telling you that three months salary is about right when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring?  We would like to use the same kind of logic to help you buy a nice bottle of Wine for this Mothers day. We suggest you spend $10 for every hour of labor when you were born plus $5 for every year you freeloaded on her after you turned 18, then add $1 for every month since you called her! Some flowers and chocolate wouldn’t hurt!

DR VINO – A primer on Portugal

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