Letters to the Editor May 2018

Better recycling

Every once in a while the powers that be promote increased cost to consumers to solve a stated city wide problem.

I expect such is the case for our Portland Disposal and Recycling. We homeowners are looking at a $2.50 per month rate increase because some homeowners are putting more than proper recyclable items in the blue Portland Recycles bins, like diapers.

I expect the $2.50 increase which is to pay for the removal of improper recyclables collected will, by human nature, increase the improper cycled items because, as human thinking goes, “We ARE paying for” the separation process.

It would be better to educate the populous again of proper recycling practice and threaten with an increase to solve the problem. So, let’s act. Call send an email or letter to: 1.800.808.5901 or pnwrsservices@wm.com. Tell it like it is.

We can voluntarily clean up our Recyclables. Maybe we can eliminate both an increase in our recycle rate and improve the collection/separation issue.

Roc Cordes


Kudos to Kenny-Guyer

On behalf of the 241 cities in Oregon, the League of Oregon Cities would like to thank Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer for her leadership in finding new ways to address the statewide housing shortage.

Representative Keny-Guyer has extended her passion and leadership for better housing outcomes beyond the needs and market of the Portland area she represents.

She has looked for resources that can be tapped to support housing solutions across the state.

In working with the League on housing issues, Representative Keny-Guyer has shown an eagerness to include city government as partners and acknowledged the variety in local government voices and needs.

Her work has ensured that new resources will not only help in the Metro region, but provide the rest of the state with the opportunity to see better outcomes.

Representative Keny-Guyer’s ongoing leadership on housing policy will help cities partner with stakeholders to meet housing needs across the state.

Mike Cully

Executive Director

League of Oregon Cities

Letters to the Editor May 2018

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