Richmond  May 2018


By Rob Mumford

RNA held its monthly meeting this past April 9 at Waverly Heights Congregational United Church.

Our Annual Richmond Clean-up is Saturday May 19 at Central Christian Church in the parking lot at 1844 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. from 9 am – 1  pm. Drive up in your car or truck and we’ll help you unload your junk, recyclable (not curbside recyclables) and reusable items. The fee is $15 – $25 depending on size of load.

The RNA board of directors approved two motions aiding our neighbors at Sewallcrest Community Gardens. One motion was for a donation to go towards gardening supplies and the second motion was for a letter to the city opposing increases in plot fees.

Lastly, elections – The RNA Election committee presented to the board its recommended upgrades to the Election Standing Rules.

Key recommendations are creating early voting opportunities and improving the election process. Early voting will allow families with children to vote, and provide opportunities and access for those who cannot vote on a single night. The election process would improve by avoiding arduous multiple-round elections, and instead have a single-round of voting. Other election improvements would seat board members in a more representative manner.

Lastly, of note, our current At-Large voting method turns out to be illegal to use in Federal Elections and has been discarded by most states. The election improvements we seek would upgrade our voting to be fair and equitable to all members of the community.

If you are interested in becoming a leader within the community and working to better the world right around you as an RNA Board Member, visit

The next RNA meeting will be Monday, May 14 at Waverly Heights Congregational United Church (basement), 3300 SE Woodward St., 7 – 9 pm.  Visit for more info.

Richmond  May 2018

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