Chapel Hill

4380 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

3 pm – 2 am


For centuries, churches were one of the main gathering places for people to congregate in towns and cities all over the world. They were natural community builders under the guise of a belief system, but more than anything, they were a place that brought people together. This ancient icon of place is how Steven Cook describes his recently opened bar and restaurant, Chapel Hill’s theme.

Chapel Hill is not his first foray into the bar scene here in Portland. He partnered with his brother at Church over on Sandy Blvd. “I recognized that bars can be community-oriented, a place to bring people together and share the neighborhood experience,” he said. What he also knew was how important it is to have a bar culture that is safe and inclusive of everyone that comes in. Church and Chapel Hill exemplify this ethic.

Chapel Hill came about after Steve was asked by Craig Ericson to partner with him and open another bar/restaurant and venue place. Ericson had made a name for himself during the 90s and the Punk Rock era where his recording label, Rise Records, became famous for featuring some of the great talents of the time. Rise Records continues to record great talent.

Owner Steven Cook

The name Chapel Hill alludes to the association of large communities that started in Chapel Hill with the rise of the punk rock bands/movement and their following – a vicarious community that gave power and a voice to a segment of the population.

The interior design of the new building has the feel of a place that has been here for a long time. The long bar, neon fixtures, tufted leather booths and the fabulous outdoor seating were the creation of Scott Tomin and Rachel Yoakum of the local design firm Ceremony. The bar has a different feel because everything is facing forward and the mirrored back wall reflects glasses and the scene going in the room – different.

Besides being a place for eating and drinking, Chapel Hill facilitates a wide array of events that feature multi-talented artists of this City.  See the schedule below.

Cook is especially proud of the incredible menu created by Ui Vele. The pad Thai Crunchwrap is one of his favorites and the Fried Chicken Bao is another. See the eclectic menu online at: There are vegan and vegetarian options available.

In keeping with the theme of the religious myths, cocktails include such original creations as Divine Ascent, Immaculate Heart, Harrowing of Hell, Holy Martyr and more. All cleverly crafts mixed drinks.

“I was asked if some people didn’t take offense to the subtle theme at Chapel Hill and the answer is no. We have chosen our version of these ancient icons in a respectful way,” Cook said. They are familiar and comforting to everyone and it’s a way to create a natural ambience that encourages safe, community gathering.

Chapel Hill’s schedule of events for the month of August is listed below:

8/3 –   L-Dougie (Eclectic Dance Club)

8/4 –   Kaeli Hertz (Eclectic Dance Club)

8/8 –   Emerson Lyon (R&B / Trap)

8/10 – Mooky “Listening Party” (Hip Hop artist Mooky’s album listening party

w/ DJ Mikey B of Jam’n 107.5/iheartmedia)

8/11  – Deep Grid w/ VNPRT (Eclectic Dance Club)

8/12  – The Way Out w/ Freak Outty & DJ Solo (Daytime patio party, Dance Hall / Afrobeat)

8/13 –  YGA DJ’s Benefit (A benefit night for YGA (Young Gifted Artists) summer camp)

8 /15 – Taylor Hill (80’s Goth Night)

8/17  – It Girl (DJ / Drag Performances)

8/18  – Dirty Red (Eclectic Dance Club)

8/20  – DJ Provoke (Boogie / Dance / House / Funk)

8/23  – Cloud Six (Live Music, Funk / Jazz)

8/24  – Buckmaster Presents (DJ / Drag Performances)

8/25 –  Fritzwa (NYC / LA / PDX Artist plays Hip Hop / R&B)

8/26  – Hawthorne St Fair (Daytime / Patio Party)

8/29 – MJ B-Day Party (An evening honoring the King of Pop, DJ’s and visuals)

8/31 – Chookie Crisp (Eclectic Dance Club)

Chapel Hill

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