Corrib Theatre presents the US premiere of Charlie O’Neill’s Hurl. In the story, directed by Tracy Cameron Francis, an Irish team made up of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers (from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cuba, Bosnia, Vietnam, Argentina, and inner-city Dublin) forms to compete in the traditional and ancient Irish sport of hurling; a 3,000 year-old stick and ball game, played on a grass field with goals at each end.

The production runs October 5-28, at New Expressive Works, 810 SE Belmont St.

Led by an alcoholic priest and a washed-up trainer, the team battles discrimination and bureaucracy to make its way to the All-Ireland finals. With humor, wit, and energy, Hurl explores what it means to be Irish in the 21st Century.

Sketch by Jan Baross

It opens Friday October 5 and performances run Thursday-Sunday at 7:30 pm with Sunday matinees at 2 pm. Tickets are $25 and $20 student/group.

Corrib Theatre is named after the river and a lake on the west coast of Ireland. See