SIDESTREET in November

This pic is named “Jazz”, a new collage by Bridgett Spicer. She’s one of three featured artists this month at Sidestreet Arts, 2140 SE 28th Ave. Long a muse for Spicer, her latest mixed-media collage pieces play to the tune of colorful horn-players and abstract expressionism.

“I’m also a cartoonist, so people fascinate me. What is interesting to me are the relationships of the people in each piece. What’s their story? The viewer can make up their own narrative, so, like jazz, it’s collaborative.”

The other featured artists are Gail Owen who loves Victorian wallpaper and Kathleen Mistry who artistically revisits history. These members of Sidestreet Arts feature their new works this month and each brings something unique to the table.

The New Member Spotlight runs to November 25. Artists will chat about their work Sunday, November 11, from 11 am to 2 pm. Visit

SIDESTREET in November

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