By Mary Beth Camp

After twenty years of holding classes with Portland families and their young children, Music Together of Portland is now one of the biggest centers in the world.

It’s a worldwide early childhood music program for children ages 0-5 and the adults who love them. Established in Portland in the fall of 1998 by Bonnie Singer and Mary Beth Camp, Music Together of Portland began with twenty-three families at Central Lutheran Church in NE Portland and now has over thirteen hundred families each semester.

Classes include singing, dancing, and playing instruments with friends and neighbors in family-style, mixed-age, bigger kid or infant classes.

Families have a choice of seven locations throughout the metro area and are given an illustrated children’s book, along with a CD and downloadable music of all the songs sung that term.

Music Together is the preeminent early childhood music and movement program, endorsed by educators and parents worldwide.

The solid curriculum has decades of research in both music education and child development. Combining thoroughly trained teachers who recognize that children learn through play with award-winning music creates a rich musical immersion experience that’s engaging and fun.

“The best thing about Music Together is that it gave me a greater appreciation for music at an early age. It’s one reason I know how to harmonize and sing, and I think it’s why I was able to teach myself how to play ukulele and guitar,” said Elisa Suarez, former student, now age eighteen.

To find out more about Music Together go to or phone 503.720.2769