Clearing the caldera

By Nancy Tannler
If you spend anytime in any one of our great Portland Parks you are well aware that there is no longer the man/woman power available to keep the parks as well-groomed as they could be. When Jan Caplener noticed that the caldera up at Mt. Tabor Park had become overgrown this year he approached Dave Hillman to help organize a crew to clean it up.

Where’s the caldera?

Here it is

So far crews have been working in the caldera on two separate days removing brush and invasive species, trimming and cutting down trees and generally cleaning up. Hillman thought it might take one more to complete the job.
At the most recent cleanup on July 5, not only did community members show up, but a group of the Clatsop County 4-H kids lent a hand for a few hours. They connected with the Weed Warriors about ten years ago and have been stopping every year on their way to camp to help out at Mt. Tabor Park as part of their community service.
Dave Hillman and Jan Caplener

Pete Botke of Bud’s Tree Care lent his bucket trunk to saw off the most dangerous limbs hanging out over the caldera.
It’s been awhile since the caldera was visible and now you can look across from the parking lot and really see the Mt. Tabor Park volcano.
There are many good stewards at Mt. Tabor Park making sure this place stays green and gorgeous.

Clearing the caldera

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