Sunnyside October 2019

By Colin Wonnacott

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is hosting a panel discussion to address challenges we face as the city continues to change. Crisis and Conscience: Understanding and Responding to Portland’s Housing & Homelessness Emergency will be the main focus for our October Association Meeting.

It will be a directed panel discussion with a number of representatives from city agencies, community organizations, and residents including officials from the Joint Office of Homelessness Services, Sunnyside Environmental School, Rental Providers for Positive Change, and the Portland Police Department.

The panel’s goal is to discuss the causes and consequences of Portland’s now four-year long housing crisis, present direct feedback from residents, and inform neighbors about organizations and initiatives responding to the crisis they can support and become involved with.

The panel will be held at Sunnyside Environmental School’s Auditorium, 3421 SE Salmon St., Thursday, October 10 at 7 pm. We invite everyone to join us for this important and informative discussion.

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Sunnyside October 2019

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