Montavilla December 2019

By Louise Hoff

Montavilla Neighborhood Association has elected a dynamic new board with a united goal of strengthening our neighborhood by listening to the suggestions of neighbors, supporting our local schools, music events, the arts and learning more about the new zoning codes. Montavilla is the most internationally diverse community in Portland and our board wants to cast a wider net to draw more voices into our meetings and activities through social media, a wide variety of programs and participating in community events.  

Our goal is to encourage new leadership, block parties and innovative neighbors in the fields of art, music, non-profits and business so our December 9 meeting will feature Muz Azfal who will explain all of the grants available to our neighbors. A neighborhood association is a great place for young leaders in our community to get started with public communication and networking. We want to hear from schools, scouts, churches, local politicians, Apano, Irco, PCC, artists, writers and musicians to use our platform to show just how vibrant our community really is.  

In 2017 Montavilla was selected as one of the 10 best neighborhoods in the United States and we want to live up to that. We are a compassionate neighborhood and will be donating a substantial sum of money and twenty-five blankets to the local shelter at the next meeting,  

Our new suggestion boxes are already in full use. Questions about speed bumps, slow signs, greenway applications, neighborhood watch, public safety, land use updates and volunteering are already helping us design our next programs.  

Two months ago, we had a neighborhood tragedy and Konko Church, Montavilla Baptist Church and East Precinct police department created two very positive community gatherings to comfort both the family and listen to the needs of our neighborhood.  

Our December 9 meeting opens its doors at 6 pm with a land use exhibit of a local developer and light refreshments. Our meeting begins at 6:30 pm with introductions, short public announcements, an update from Lieutenant Hayes from East Precinct about public safety issues, honoring our outgoing board and Muz Azfal’s grant presentation.  

Montavilla December 2019

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