Resolution ( noun ) res-o-lu-tion

By Kris McDowell, Editor

This time of year, the use of  the word “resolutions” is often in the context of changes for the New Year. 

Some resolutions will take root and become part of their maker’s life. Some will be dropped and blow away like Fall leaves.

In The Southeast Examiner,  “resolutions” are frequently  referencing government’s plans to define an answer or plan of action on a particular topic. 

Some of the proposed resolutions will be passed, to our pleasure or displeasure, depending on our point of view. 

In the world of graphic design, “resolution” is a way of defining how sharp an image is – be it online, printed or on our television screens.

Low resolution, in relative terms, is largely a thing of the past and while the ability to see great detail can make a stunning impression on the viewer, it may also be distracting.

Remember when HD TVs came out and you realized you didn’t want to see that much detail on your news or sports broadcaster’s made-up face? 

There are still further meanings of “resolution(s)” we may encounter in a variety of settings. 

To one, the low resolution of a favorite old movie may add to its charm and nostalgia. To another, it may detract from the pleasure one once took in viewing it. Like many things in life, the difference is determined by viewpoint.

As we put 2019 behind us and look ahead to what 2020 will bring, I will be working to remember that sentiment.

The Southeast Examiner wishes you a happy New Year!

Resolution ( noun ) res-o-lu-tion

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