A Story from 3 Leg Torso

The band began on a Friday evening in August, 1996 at Tony DeMicola’s Key Largo Club in Old Town. We were filling in for our friends, Duo Glide, who were off on a European tour. We were a violin, accordion and cello trio, and  due to the collective sustaining nature of our instruments and the blending of timbres, our collective sounds formed a whole new voice. Hence our name: 3 Leg Torso.

We’ve collaborated with many filmmakers and in commercials, released six CDs, and our band ranges from a quartet (percussion, bass, violin and accordion) to including a full symphony performing orchestrations to our songs. Recently, violinist Béla has ventured into making films with the band.

In these changing times, adapting to what’s at hand is so important. While performing with the North Coast Symphonic Band in Astoria, in the middle of the concert there was a city-wide power failure. All the lights went out in the theater as we were about to begin to play.  With the thought that the show must go on, the audience held up their cellphones and illuminated the band and music was made. It was sweet moment and an indelible memory made for all of us there.

In the same manner, let’s work together, now, to sustain us all. We look forward to seeing you at concerts soon. In the meantime watch a few of Béla’s films online for a chuckle. His latest, The Accordion Thief, is a delight – at bit.ly/2wtoP1C. Visit 3legtorso.com, too.

A Story from 3 Leg Torso

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