Montavilla April 2020

By Louise Hoff

Montavilla Neighborhood Association was just getting into gear for spring meetings around bees, bicycles, mushrooms, markets, parades, classic cars, our local Montavilla Jazz Festival, Montavilla writer Michael Sonnleitner’s new book about Gandhi and our annual cleanup. All that has come to a skidding halt with precautions we are taking to keep our neighbors as safe as possible from COVID-19 virus contamination.

Our wonderful neighborhood went into action almost immediately. One neighbor started an email list for one street so that people could still plan the outdoors, safe-distance block party in August, while giving each other an opportunity to offer or request something be dropped off to one of the neighbors who is staying home to stay safe or staying home under the weather.

Our Montavilla Community immediately began asking about school breakfasts and lunches for many of the children if the schools were to close. There were many ideas and individuals who stepped forward. Ultimately the school district made a plan and published a map of the many locations throughout the school district.

Our local PCC SE here in Montavilla is trying to do as much as possible online.

One neighbor talented in web design offered to help some local businesses get online. Another neighbor thought up an interesting way to get us outside, get that vitamin D and walk around and see how many homes had shamrocks in the window. Others are out gardening and offering plants and seeds to neighbors, encouraging children to start gardens.  

We are all stunned and many are frightened by the fear of the virus and the unknowns around income and health or the worry about family who are not nearby at this time, but we are getting through this together.

Our Board will continue publishing information and videos to our website as well as to our Facebook page. One of our members is initiating a resource list for neighbors. We will resume our meetings when it is once again safe to gather together.

Montavilla April 2020

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