Stocking Up: What You Actually Need

Grocery stores are seeing shortages of some items, which can be alarming, but voices of moderation encourage people not to panic. Supplies are being restocked and grocery stores will remain open.

The following is a list of suggested items to stock up on, compiled from the CDC, Homeland Security and Red Cross.

• Two weeks of food for each person – similar as to what would be found in a disaster kit including nonperishable, east-to-prepare foods like rice, pasta, beans, oats, foods with liquids (tomatoes, tuna), soups, fruits and vegetables. Frozen foods and not unimportantly, comfort foods (coffee, chocolate), could be added as well.

• A 30-day supply of all prescriptions

• First aid supplies: pain relievers, aspirin, antibiotic ointment, a thermometer, antacids

• Hearing aid batteries

• Contact solution

• Soap, laundry detergent

• Diapers

• Humidifier

• Bottled water for 14 days is only recommended if you are in an area that has limited access to supplies

Stocking Up: What You Actually Need

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