Sidestreet Goes Wood-Centric

Sidestreet Arts has re-opened their gallery, and their July show features two wood-centric artists: Minal Mistry and Davis Te Selle. Each artists’ unique voice uses natural wood as medium and muse.

By Minal Minstry

Mistry calls his new body of work, Points of Inflection. Using salvaged materials (wood, metal, plastic and paint), Minal searches for ways to make sense of the current state of flux in our society. He investigates ways to express “states of being” through paired poems and found objects.

In his piece entitled Hope, a wooden torch resembling that of Lady Liberty’s is hung on the wall. Situated next to it is a jar of matches, just waiting to help us light the way.

Others have said Te Selle is a tree-whisperer, as his lifelong love of drawing forests shows with highly detailed drawings and prints. Influenced by Chinese and Japanese landscape painters, Davis’ pencil captures the spirit of each tree.

His new work this month features iconic trees – “windswept conifers adapting and curving to their environment and seasoned evergreens persevering in winter’s icy climate – exhibiting resilience and forbearance in the face of adversity.”

Sidestreet presents a Zoom Artist Talk with the featured artists July 19, from noon-1 pm. Their website offers the monthly show online too. Currently open Thursday-Sunday, 12-5 pm. / 503.327.8064

Image by Davis Te Selle

Sidestreet Goes Wood-Centric

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