Letter to the Editor September 2020

To the Editor:

The North Tabor Neighborhood Association meets every third Tuesday to discuss topics that impact our community.

One of these topics includes construction taking place in the area and we currently are on trend to have a huge influx of construction in a very small area of the neighborhood. This construction will create traffic restrictions with waves of crews coming and going, as well as large machinery needing to be moved into the area.

If you are interested in being aware of ways to avoid the worst traffic created by these construction projects, you might want to join us at some of the meetings.

Just to give you all a heads-up of a few of the projects slated to begin soon, I thought I’d make a short list:

1) 60th and E Burnside is scheduled to have a 64-unit apartment/condo complex built in the spot that the 7-11 mini-mart used to occupy.

2) Between 60th and E Burnside and 60th and NE Davis, a 14-unit apartment/condo complex has already broken ground, with construction slated to begin soon.

3) On 52nd and E Burnside, there is an 18-unit apartment/condo complex slated to be built in the next year.

These are three large construction projects in less than a 10-block radius that will definitely impact the traffic and create congestion for all neighborhood residents travelling through our area.

To keep apprised of this issue, please join us at our neighborhood association meetings and visit our North Tabor Next Door community chat board.

If you have questions or are interested in attending a meeting, please contact us at board@northtabor.org.

Kim Kasch

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Letter to the Editor September 2020

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