2020 Neighborhood Greenways Report

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has released their 2020 Neighborhood Greenways Status Report showing opportunities and challenges facing Portland’s greenways during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

In the past two years, PBOT has expanded and improved Portland’s greenway network with new projects and safety upgrades to existing infrastructure.

The bureau has converted the entire neighborhood network and an additional 15 miles of low-traffic streets into “local access only.”

This creates more space for Portland residents to get fresh air, move and play during the pandemic.

PBOT recognizes that more work needs to be done to improve and build greenways throughout the city.

The Report provides recommendations on how to keep traffic volume low and speeds slow, using a mix of traffic diversion, speed bumps, protected crossings and better visibility at intersections.

It also recommends that PBOT continue helping Portlanders connect to neighborhood greenways through outreach to residents.

Learn more about Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways and read the Report at neighborhoodgreenways.org.

2020 Neighborhood Greenways Report

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